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Obstetric Life Support

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About Our Courses

Obstetric Life Support (OBLS) is an interdisciplinary simulation course that trains healthcare workers in prehospital and hospital-based settings in the prevention, etiologies, and skills needed when treating maternal medical emergencies and maternal cardiac arrest. This course was developed and studied through an Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality grant and is the only course with level A evidence demonstrating course participant improvement in knowledge, skills, and procedural and communication confidence.


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Services We Provide

OBLS services and products are now available for purchase.

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Do you desire to take a course? Find OBLS courses being at a location near you.

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Do you desire to host OBLS courses at your location? Purchase a license to conduct the course at your location with the help of our trained instructors.

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The OBLS Manual and Cognitive Aids are available for purchase.

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